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There are three elements that comprise an eSport and 2.1 billion reasons why you should care.







Competition and Fairness

Skillz hosts over 500,000 on-demand competitions per day and has hosted over 100 million since its inception. Skillz-enabled games feature a mix of practice and professional competitions with a variety of game styles and prizes all with the purpose of providing a fair, fun environment for players.

Tournaments and Brackets

Skillz offers turn-based competitions, real-time brackets, and leaderboards with built-in loyalty programs and achievements to improve player retention and engagement. The end-to-end infrastructure also includes: fair player matching, anti-fraud and anti-cheating, payment processing and customer service.

Spectatorship and Streaming

Skillz can support up to 50,000 players in a tournament and broadcast the competitions to viewers everywhere along with automated highlights, statistics and advanced analytics. Streamers and developers can build their fanbase, drive new installs and increase brand awareness.

Getting Started

For Developers

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For Streamers

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For Players

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